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    Buying and Selling non-residential real estate, company-owned property, company shares, merges and acquisitions

    Having worked in the valuation industry in Ukraine for many years and understanding the needs of our commercial customers, we provide a range of consulting services such as:
    – Buying and selling non-residential real estate;
    – transaction support;
    – purchase and sale of enterprises and property of enterprises;
    – transactions with shares and other assets;
    – search for buyers and sellers for the purchase and sale of property;
    – preparation for the conclusion of contracts,
    – due diligence (verification of legal title and encumbrances) of assets and enterprises;
    – analysis of financial statements and cost analysis both for assessment and for making investment decisions;
    – raising capital for energy efficiency projects;
    – consultations on the construction of facilities, analysis of budgets and documentation, obtaining the necessary construction permits;
    – assistance in construction and property management from A to Z

    At the first stage of searching for an object for acquisition, a search strategy and criteria for selecting an object are developed. After the object is found, its priceis assessed and agreed between the buyer and the seller. After that, the stage of preparation for the deal begins.

    When buying non-residential real estate, you must:
    – analyze the documents of title to the objects;
    – study the history of the transfer of property rights;
    – study the rights to the land plot under the object;
    – study the compliance of the object with its technical documentation;
    – study the connection of the facility to the systems supplying electricity, gas, heat, water and sewerage and analysis of contracts for the services provided;
    – study the state of payments for land and utilities.

    If real estate objects are sold as part of a legal entity, then it is necessary to carry out a full due diligence of the legal entity and its financial statements, the presence of creditors and debitors, as well as submission of reports to the tax and pension fund, the presence / absence of claims of these organizations on the enterprise.
    It is also necessary to develop a procedure for transferring all documentation from the previous owner to the new owner so that claims do not arise in the future.

    For the effective sale of an object, you must:
    – carry out its pre-sale preparation
    – take photographs of the object, including its visualization in 3D format;
    – develop and approve an advertising campaign strategy;
    – prepare documents for sale;
    – organize views and meetings with potential buyers.

    We are ready to start working on your object at any time, call us by phone or write to Viber, Whatsapp, Skype – we are always happy to answer your questions.